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Please call 04 500 5050 9 in order to book your appointment.
Please call 04 500 5050 9 in order to book your appointment.


Founded in 2017, we at Fonesolution are one of the dominant independent dealers of Vodafone. Providing mobile Phones, Tablet, Accessories and Nbn plan solutions to our customers.

With a successful track record of Three years in this industry, we aim to simplify lives of the consumers by bridging a gap between consumer and their telecommunication needs.

We also deal in diverse types of gadget accessories. Featuring nearly 200+ gadget accessories, you can select from our wide and unparalleled product range of cases, covers, docks, screens, chargers, screen protectors, and much more.

Having a surprisingly quick and easy process, we’ve serve thousands of our customers, establishing good will since our first day. Working alongside with the well-known brands including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Sony, Samsung, we have built a reputation of providing premium quality accessories for all brands’ smart phones, laptops and tablets.

We are committed to continuous development and offering the latest and best accessories for better experience.